Understanding Cryptography Engineering

“Cryptography is the art and science of encryption. At least, that is how it started out. Nowadays it is much broader, covering authentication, digital signatures, and many more elementary security functions.”[1]

I find security technologists like Bruce Schneier and his blog https://www.schneier.com inspirational. They write about such important 21st century issues at the intersection of security, technology and people.

One of the main focus areas within cyber security to me is definitely cryptography engineering and gaining a better understanding of the design principles and its practical implications. That’s why I started studying the book Cryptography Engineering by Niels Ferguson, Bruce Schneier and Tadayoshi Kohno.

On this blog I will write down some of my notes, thoughts and exercises throughout the studying process. By reading, thinking and writing I will aim to learn more about this fascinating focus area.

[1] 2010. Ferguson, Schneier & Kohno. Cryptography Engineering. The Context of Cryptography.p3